Frequently Asked Questions

What can I leave at my loved one’s grave?
Please refer to our Floral Guidelines, click here to download.  Please make special note that while we understand leaving stones and personal items at the gravesite is tradition, these objects can create a hazard and can damage the bronze.  Damage resulting from objects left at gravesite are not covered under memorial care.

How much does it cost?
Small monthly installments make purchasing cemetery spaces, before you need them, very attractive and affordable. Click here for current pricing.

Will Perpetual Care be included?
Perpetual care of the beautifully manicured grounds of Sharon Memorial Park is included in the original purchase price of the lot. There is NO additional cost for perpetual care of the lot.

Why should I buy cemetery spaces now? I’m too young.
No one knows when or how, only that it will happen.  You can lock in today’s prices by purchasing in advance. At the time it is needed, the ones that are grieving are in no state of mind to make these kind of decisions. By purchasing your spaces today, you get peace of mind, save time and money, and protect your loved ones in the future.

What other costs are involved with cemetery property?
Other costs associated with cemetery property include the opening and closing of a grave and a liner or vault.

Can we choose our lot or is it assigned?
You may select the location of your lot from all available spaces at the time of purchase.

How are religious customs and practices handled at Sharon?
Sharon observes all of the Jewish customs and practices that the lot owner requires whether Reform, Conservative or Orthodox. All grounds within Sharon Memorial Park are consecrated for Jewish burials. There are separate sections designed specifically for interfaith households and where one of the partners is of the Jewish faith. All customs and practices will be respected as long as they do not conflict with our operation of the cemetery or the rules and regulations of the Park.

How many can be buried in one space?
Burials at Sharon Memorial Park are singular. Only one burial may be put into a burial space.

Who can be buried in my lot?
As the lot owner, you or your heir(s) will determine who will be buried in your lot. Any unused spaces will remain as part of your family’s cemetery property.

Why doesn’t Sharon use headstones?
Sharon was developed as a memorial park. The natural beauty of the area is not impaired by many rows of tombstones.  Rather, flush bronze memorials that are level with the lawn are used to memorialize a grave.  These beautiful bronze plaques may be purchased either for a single grave or as a companion for two side-by-side graves.

How can I schedule an unveiling?
Unveilings are scheduled through our Memorials and Unveiling Coordinator from April 1 (weather permitting) through November 30th.  Please contact the main office for more details:  781.828.7216

How big is a family lot?
There is no set size of a family lot.  It is determined by how many people you are responsible for and how many of the people in your family are interested in being included in the lot.

Is cremation burial an option?
Yes. Cremated remains can be buried in lawn spaces, private family estate spaces or in one of our Urn Gardens.

Are there burial spaces available for interfaith families?
Yes. Sharon Memorial Park has sections for interfaith households with lawn spaces, private family estate spaces and cremation spaces.

How do I schedule an appointment to speak with a Family Service Counselor?
Email us, call us at 781-828-7216 or fill out a request more info form.