“Everyone was so kind and thoughtful and helpful in every way.”
-January 2017

“The new chapel is lovely!  Simple, attractive and dignified.”
-February 2017

“Very professional, caring and helpful.”
-Stuart and Alan Saltzman, February 2017

“Everything was so perfect.”
-John Doyle, March 2017

“The Coordination was excellent…”
-R. Rosenthal, March 2017

“Thank you for making a hard day so much easier…”
-March 2017

“The Graveside workers were extremely sensitive to the moment…”
-Peter Seronick, March 2017

“The staff was courteous and positive during this difficult time.”
-May 2017

“The Chapel is beautiful.”
-Miriam Blankstein, July 2017

“Everyone was wonderful to our family.”
-Barbara Cargill, July 2017